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thankful thoughts… November 27, 2007

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mmm….hot tea…English style – with lots of cream (actually skim milk) and sugar (which probably negates the skim milk, but oh well).  A good relaxing end to the day. 

I’m thankful for tea – in general.  Love good sweet iced tea all year long and hot tea in the winter time.  Grew up on both. 

No, it’s not decaf, but caffeine doesn’t really affect me, so I’ll still probably sleep fine.  Long. random day – first of all, I was back to work….and my mind had a hard time switching gears from the “do absolutely nothing” mode I had been in.  But I got it somewhat in gear and tried to be productive.   Boyfriend has been having some serious church/denominational issues in his ministry right now and messaged and said that he had just found out that he had a meeting with his supervisor’s supervisor at the office right next door to where I work and wanted to know if I wanted to have dinner afterwards.  I knew this was going to be a stressful meeting for him and he would likely want to debrief and relax a little afterwards, so I was happy to be able to meet him.  But then I realized I had accidentally left my cell phone at home that morning and that morning and he wouldn’t be able to call and let me know when he was done….so I had to run home and get it during my lunch break. 

I’m thankful for the fact that I get an hour long lunch break everyday!  (this is the first job that I’ve ever been given more than an hour for lunch)  I’m thankful for the job too!

So after all that, we did go out for dinner, things still need a lot of prayer for boyfriend and the future of his career as a pastor in this district, but he’s doing ok and we’re just praying that God’s will would be done.   After dinner, since I missed my workout class to meet him, I did over an hour on the elliptical trainer at the gym and my body is exhausted.  But…I haven’t been to the gym in way too long, so that’s not all that great.  But I know it’s just because I need to get back into a better workout habit than I have been lately. 

I am thankful that I can go and workout and am healthy – I feel really energized and more self-confident after working out. 

And I’m thankful for a great boyfriend, an incredible family, and awesome friends. 

I had a great Thanksgiving!  It was just an incredibly nice and relaxing time with family and the boyfriend.  He and I dropped off my car to the shop on Wed. to fix the driver side window that had come off its track (it was really weird and oddly angled when I rolled it down and made a crunching sound when I tried to get it back up…) and then we went over to meet up with Patrick and Katie to head downtown for our weekly pub gathering.  Fun times – a little crazier than normal, because apparently there are a lot of people who like to get drunk on the night before a holiday.  Then we all crashed at my parents (nope, we weren’t at all drunk, just for the record – just didn’t feel like driving there the next morning).  My brother and Dad got up and ran a 5K with my sister Emily who has taken up running recently.  Even though he hadn’t been training or even running much at all, Dad still managed to finish before Emily and Patrick.  Emily wasn’t at all happy about that, but she still beat Patrick so that helped a little.  I stayed home to help mom bake and even got up early (8am) to make breakfast and all.  Just a nice relaxing day….good food, fun time playing board games, and watching a random family-values, movie that my mom got called “No more baths”.  Katie’s boyfriend came over and watched that with us – which was pretty funny b/c he is a huge movie buff and of course this was one he’d never even heard of.  But they still both stayed and seemed to be enjoying it.  The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping in, starting a painting (a commissioned piece for a friend of mine to give to someone for Christmas).  Fun, fun, fun.  Oh and I almost had to preach on Sunday!  Our pastor was on vacation and had gotten another minister to cover for him….but that minister didn’t show up.  The elders at my church had tried calling and everything, and they were getting pretty panicked.  So they came over and asked me if I felt like preaching!  I was pretty shocked to say the least, and asked if they were serious. They said they didn’t know what else to do and I said if they really needed me to, I supposed I could come up with something….but that I was supposed to be teaching a room full of middle schoolers that morning (I was filling in for their Sunday school teacher who was on vacation too).  I also just said maybe they could do something interactive, like ask members to share how God had blessed them and what they were thankful for this year.  They liked that idea and said they could do that and I could go teach the middle schoolers.  : ) 

I’m so thankful that God has allowed me to be a part of that church and feel honored to serve the youth and their families.  Who knows?  Maybe I will preach there some Sunday morning…..

Here are a few pics from my birthday partying and Thanksgiving…


my friends threw me a fun party and my good friend Erin made an incredible Oreo cake! 


me and my sisters (Katie got me that necklace as a gift – it’s from Ten Thousand Villages)


my little brother took this one – which is why it’s tilted – he likes doing things a little differently…


here’s the one I took of everyone else after Thanksgiving dinner


and after dinner mom and us girls “attempted” to make Origami cranes….some of them turned out better than others….it was partly b/c Emily had recently read “1000 Paper Cranes” with her 6th grade class…and partly b/c Katie had been trying to UTube teach herself how to do it and mom and I thought we could remember how on our own….fun times….


personal best… January 29, 2007

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I joined a gym a few weeks ago and am really  enjoying it actually.  While my foot was broken, I really missed being able to be active and feel good about myself, so now I really am enjoying working out.  I figure I may as well take advantage of this time while I’m excited and hit the gym as often as I can.  Tonight I did my personal longest time ever on the eliptical trainer – 50 min.!  Which came out to be 1.25 miles and about 310 calories burned.  Feels good…hopefully I’ll keep it up!