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I just caught a….. November 3, 2008

Posted by abi in life.

mouse!  Alive!  In a tupperware.  ewwww….  We have been dealing with mice in our apartment lately and have had an exterminator come out and have had all sorts of traps and poison out for the last few weeks.  But we’re still seeing them run around.  This morning my husband runs out and shoves a tupperware in my hands and says that we’re going to catch one.  There was a mouse sitting on the bathroom floor.  Just sitting there.  So I managed to sneak up and put a tupperware on top of it and Andy was supposed to put the top on, but we couldn’t quite manage that….so he ended up dragging the whole bathroom rug with the tupperware on top outside and lets the mouse go out in woods behind out house.  We hope he never comes back! (and Andy wanted me to take pictures, but I was a little too grossed out by the mouse to stop and think of that!)

Anyways….yesterday was a really good day.  We went to a church that we’d been to once before – a while ago.  It was the one that Andy had been attending off and on all summer before we got married.  He had started going to a Sunday school class but he didn’t think I’d like it as much.  But after seeing a lot of other options here in town and not being able to find anything that we were both comfortable with, we decided to try it again.  And we both really enjoyed it!  I did like the Sunday school class – it still wan’t exactly what I was looking for – it is a still a little older, but they’re doing a good continual Bible study and we both got something out of the class.  We both like the pastor and format/style of the service.  It’s still really traditional Methodist – but they’re open to new things too, like the choir singing a Chris Tomlin song for the anthem. We’re going to keep trying the church for a few more weeks, but we think we may have found a good church home.  I am still going to go to the big nondenom’s young adults Bible study to meet people my age and we’re both going to go to their once a month young marrieds Bible study.  So between those and the church, we’re feeling pretty good about everything.

And I have a few art projects in the works – an idea for a fabric wall hanging or painting.  And ideas for our family Christmas ornaments.  So I’ll be posting pics of those soon.



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