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wedding cupcake fun…. May 11, 2008

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I know – I’m really crazy. But I have decided that I want to have cupcakes at my wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake. And my amazing bridesmaids have offered to help me make them. So I decided we needed to do some testing of recipes and decide what kind of cupcakes we want to have.

I’m still recovering from sugar overdose. My good friend Becki agreed to help me out with testing some cupcake recipes yesterday. We had a lot of fun shopping for ingredients, making 6 different kinds of cupcakes and 3 different kinds of icing, drinking girly drinks, and watching Gilmore Girls. Here is the picture overview of our afternoon:

this was the first 4 batches (pre-icing)

After baking all 6 batches, we decided to take a break with a fun “Orange Paradise” drink, then we had to clean up the kitchen a little – we had already made a huge mess!

Icing the many cupcakes

We had Josh, Becki’s husband, taste test them for us

He approved. He especially liked the Oreo one, the Cookie Dough one, and the Red Velvet.

Then Becki and I tried them all

We made 43 total cupcakes (1/2 and 1/4 batches depending on the ingredients needed). The 6 kinds of cupcakes we tried were:

Mini Oreo Surprise

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Pink Champagne

Perfect White Cupcakes

Kool-aid Cupcakes

Red Velvet

All of them were recipes I found online that start from a box mix (I figure we need to keep it somewhat easy when we’re making dozens and dozens of them) and they really were all good. I think I decided though that the top 3 that I want to make for the wedding are the Red Velvet, Pink Champagne, and Mini Oreo Surprise.



1. Jo - February 12, 2009

I am getting married in June 2009 and i am seriously thinking if making my own wedding cupcakes, i have all my wedding party (on my side) that are will to give me a hand baking them. I am really excited about this idea and can’t wait to try it out myself.

2. Constance - March 4, 2009

I totally Agree! Wedding Cupcakes are the greatest idea ever. I am totally against the idea of getting cake smooshed in my face after spending how much on hair and make up I would rather not say but with the cupcakes you can bypass the cake cutting ordeal and everyone can have their own individual piece of cake that will look good when served. And if you make them yourself you can save a huge amount of money They freeze really well. You can get a really nice tiered display plate from most rental places for around $30. It looks awesome.

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