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about the boy January 25, 2008

Posted by abi in life.
it was the boyfriend’s birthday a few week’s ago and we had a lot of fun celebrating at a Japanese steakhouse. We invited my sister and her husband to go with us because, interestingly enough, boyfriend and brother-in-law get along really well and he wanted them there. Neither Emily or I had ever been to a Japanese steakhouse before and enjoyed the showmanship of the chefs and the fresh food cooked in front of us.

My sister had us over to their apartment for cake and ice cream afterwards (a surprise to boyfriend) which was really sweet of her, and we watched the movie Office Space.
After issues with the church and the conference he was with, boyfriend decided he needed a break from the ministry for a little while and he has been pursuing other career opportunities. He was has been pretty excited about a possible job with the Red Cross where he would be stationed on military bases, first here in the US for a couple of years, then anywhere after that helping the soldiers as an assistant station manager. He found out he got the job last week and was waiting for the final offer in the mail to find out where they were sending him. n500134402_333665_2783.jpg I was hoping it would be somewhere nice and local to this area…like Quantico or Ft. Meade…but apparently he’s heading down to a base in North Carolina. Which is kind of good for him since he’s from there…..I just don’t like long distance relationships. Oh well. We’ll see where this whole thing goes. I’m really happy for him about the job though – it seems like a really good fit and something he’s excited to be doing.


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