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happy birthday to me and Alejandra! November 15, 2007

Posted by abi in blogging, life.

Today is my birthday – I am now 28 and getting closer and closer to 30. But I’m not too upset about it…it’s been a good year and I am happy with where I am in life for the most part. Today my mom and little brother are going to come and have lunch with me. Tonight I’ve got my Bible study and will have a good time with the girls there. I already had the big friends party last Saturday night and it was great to be able to catch up with a lot of friends there. I am truly blessed to have so many awesome friends who are there for me.

Today I’m not only celebrating my birthday, but I’m also celebrating the birthday of my sponsored child, Alejandra, who lives in Honduras. She is turning 4 years old today. My family had always sponsored children while I was growing up and I had wanted to for a while – but with college and being a broke student for so long, I wanted to wait until I could really afford to sponsor a kid on a consistent basis. This summer a blog that I read regularly reminded me of that desire to sponsor a child and I realized that I am definately in a more stable place and can and should be giving more to people in need.  Immediately after reading Carolyn’s blogpost, I went over to Compassion International’s website to check into it more….and Alejandra was the girl who first popped up in the “sponsor me” section.  She was absolutely adorable and when I saw that she and I shared a birthday, I knew it was a God-thing and I signed up to sponsor her.  I just got my first letter from her yesterday.  It was actually her mom, Jenny, writing to me about Alejandra and Alejandra drew a picture on the back.  It totally made my day to think that I could impact a family in such a huge way – when I’m really only sacrificing a very small amount of money each month.   If anyone out there is thinking about sponsoring a child – I would definately encourage you to do it today or as soon as you are able. 

Happy Birthday Alejandra!

I support Compassion. Sponsor a child today!



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