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choose your own adventure night November 5, 2007

Posted by abi in youth ministry.

Yesterday night was our once a month “Sunday Night Live” which is a bigger event night, combining middle and high school students.  It is also more outreach focused and I encourage students to bring friends who don’t normally come to church.  Unfortunately, since I had been sick, I hadn’t planned as much or as well as I usually do…but it went pretty well anyway.  God is good.  We did a “Choose your own adventure” themed night, n8200060427_7318.jpgtalking about how to make wise choices.  I had a series of choices where they could pick the games, activity, and how they wanted to help with worship.  It was slightly chaotic, but fun, and I enjoyed hearing their thoughts and discussion.  I’m just always amazed at how God can use us even when we’re weak and unprepared.

Oh and the one student whose mother recently died is doing pretty well – we talk regularly and she’s trying to figure out what a new “normal” is for her and her family now.  But her faith is strong and she’s still really wanting to come and be involved as a student leader.  I gave her a blank sketchbook and crayons after the funeral and instructions on praying in color (see earlier post) as something she could use as an outlet to pray, get out what she’s feeling, or whatever.  She has been telling me that she’s really liked it and she brought in the book by Sybil MacBeth that she just found at her local library to show me.   I thought that was pretty cool and am glad that its helping her out.



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