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rainy friday thoughts…. October 19, 2007

Posted by abi in life, youth ministry.

so it’s finally Friday.  This has been a long and busy week.  A lot going on, lots of thoughts, worries, prayers. 

I was thinking about the last post on movies and it seems like more of the problem I was having was the big age/maturity difference in middle schoolers.  I love middle schoolers and love working with them.  But the more I do, the more I see that there is a HUGE difference between a 6th grader and an 8th grader.  It’s hard to shoot for the middle ground without feeling like you’re either not exposing young 6th graders to too much or alternately, not reaching 8th graders with what they need to be hearing.  I’m still working on a movie and movie clip policy – and asking parents and my pastor for advice.  Any thoughts on how to best help middle schoolers and/or thoughts on movie policies for youth ministry? 

I am worried about quite a few people in my life right now.  I have a few friends dealing with some hard stuff, also still concerned for my sister and all she has going on in her life.  Several of my high school students just had a coach die tragically in an accident, and one of those same students is dealing with a parent who has cancer – which is unfortunately getting much worse.  I don’t really know how to help in many of these situations, except to be there for the people involved and be praying like crazy for them all too.  It’s in my nature to be a peacemaker and try and “fix” things.  But I can’t fix any of this, as much as I might want to. 

Tonight I am glad that I get to go home and relax.  Boyfriend is coming over and I’m making dinner (I really like to cook when I have time and someone other than me to enjoy it!).  I think I am fixing chicken pot pie – good, warm comfort food.  And we’ll probably watch a movie from redbox….yep, sounds like a good night. 



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