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thoughts for fall…. October 1, 2007

Posted by abi in blogging, life, ministry.

I can’t believe that it is already the first of October!  Crazy!  September has been a busy month – but a really good one.  And since someone recently told me that I don’t update my blog often enough, I thought I’d try and fill anyone reading in on what all I’ve been up to lately. 

I am actually really liking my full-time job at the engineering firm in Columbia.  The people are a lot of fun to work with and I get along well with my boss and our office director.  And they like me and are happy with what I’m doing here – which is always good to know.   It’s not hard or stressful work, but keeps me busy (and I still have a little time to email and check facebook throughout the day which is added bonus!).  And I have an hour for lunch!  I’ve never had a break that long and it really helps break up the day – I have time to run errands, eat lunch outside and read a little, or schedule lunch with friends (its been fun to have the boyfriend stop off once a week and have lunch with me when he’s on his way back from seminary classes in DC).  So work is good. 

 I’m still doing the part-time thing as the Youth Ministry Coordinator – and am absolutely loving it!!!  It’s honestly my dream job…or would be if it was full-time…but other than that, I feel so incredibly blessed that God has be serving with this church and their youth.  We have started back up for the fall and I have changed some things this year.  Last year I tried not to come in and change much at all, just observe, learn how and what needed doing, and get to know everyone.  I requested an evaluation in May with my senior pastor and we discussed what I had learned throughout the year and what directions I saw God leading the group.  So now has been the beginning of executing my new goals and new plans for the group….and so far, the response has been incredible!  We are having a lot more youth show up to both events and Bible study…and they are bringing friends!  I’ve had quite a few first-time visitors and a few of them have already returned and want to become a part of the group.  It’s awesome to see how God is working in their lives.  I have already seen “lightbulbs” going off all over the place within the context of learning/understanding more about their faith and how to really live it out. 

 Aside from keeping too busy with both jobs, I’ve started an aerobics class (which is pretty hardcore….but gives me a good feeling of having really pushed my body hard) and am still trying to get to the gym fairly regularly – trying being the imperative word, as I have been slacking a little too much lately and only going once of twice a week.  I still attend/lead a Bible study every week with other gals in our twenties/thirties  and that is always a good place of refuge and place for me to just be and grow spiritually – we’ve been together as a group for 2 years now!  My family is crazy busy, but we are trying to plan to get together once a month or so for people’s birthdays or whatever.  It keeps getting harder and harder for us all to connect though….I tend to be the planner and make sure that it happens and everyone knows the details.  Chalk it up to the oldest child personality in me I guess.  It’s great to have my sister Katie back in town, but she’s been in my prayers a lot lately as she’s had a rough summer and is now still struggling to find her way.  Boyfriend is still doing well – we have now been dating 3 months and he made me dinner the other night to celebrate.  We’re still figuring it all out, but I’m enjoying it and looking forward to continuing to get to know him better as I see him in different situations and places this fall. 



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