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this summer…. August 13, 2007

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Kristie, Starr, and II can’t believe that its already almost the end of summer.  Where has it gone????

It’s been a busy, crazy summer for me – with lots of unexpected twists and turns.  And this post is going to be the recap of the highlights….

I got to go visit my good friends from college, Jason and Kristie out in Illinios for Memorial Day weekend.  Another friend of ours from Texas, Starr, got to come up as well and had a mini-reunion and just a great time catching up.  Jason and Kristie are expecting their first child (actually Jason just texted and told me that she is in labor right now!) and I’m really excited for them. 

my poor car June was an interesting month – full of craziness.  The day after my last post, below, I took the day off between jobs.  It was spent with errands and I also caught up with a good friend of mine, Emily Joy for lunch.  We were talking about all sorts of things, but for some reason my family’s habit of switching cars (how my mom has generously given both myself and my brother her car and gotten a new one for herself for the last two years in a row when we have had people crash into us and total our cars) and car payments and things of that nature.  And Emily mentioned how nice it would be for me to not have car payments anymore once I finished paying off this car that my mother had given me 2 years ago.  Little did I know how that conversation would come back around later that day…..  After lunch, I headed down to DC for a first date with a new pastor-boy (who is not named Mark….as the previous 2 have been!).  We had a good time and walked all over DC and I ended up leaving much later than expected.  As I got back on 495 heading home, a car stopped in front of me – on the highway – and I crashed hard into it.  It was a pretty traumatic thing all around with lots more details – but my car ended up being totalled, but both the police and finally the insurance company did not find me to be at fault for the accident.  It was a crazy time for me, because I was starting a new job, in a rental car and trying to deal with all the insurance stuff, plus I was frantically trying to get things ready for the upcoming mission trip, and starting a new relationship with pastor-boy.  When they finally totalled out my car, my father decided it was his turn for a new car and asked if I wanted his SUV.  It has been a huge blessing becuase I didn’t have to worry about car shopping in the middle of all that, plus the SUV is paid for, and although its higher milage, I know that its been well taken care of and maintained.  It costs me more at the gas pump, but its a good trade all around not to be paying it off.  And with a little bit of leftover insurance money, I just got a GPS system for my “new” SUV!  I’m in love already – the GPS is named Jason (he came programmed with it) and he is so patient in re-directing me when I so easily get turned around.  Greatest invention ever!

The first week of July, I took 10 high schoolers (and 2 of my awesome friends came with me to help out and chaperone) up to Cananduiagua, NY for our service- oriented mission trip.  It was the first mission trip this church has ever done and I was very thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it.  We had an incredible time!  We served at various local outreaches like meals on wheels, nursing homes, homeless shelters and got to work alongside with several other youth groups.  My youth definately enjoyed and got a lot out of the expereince.  I was impressed by the depth of their thoughts and reflections each night and their desire to serve God.  We’re hoping to do another trip next year.

helping at a nursing home 


 Mission Trip 2007

We stopped off at Niagra Falls on the way home from the mission trip.  I’d never been before! 




Also in July, I went to my cousin’s wedding up in Boston.  It was another quaker ceremony, outside overlooking a quarry.  Absolutely beautiful.  We had a good time at the wedding and with my mom’s side of the family.

siblings1.jpg feet1.jpg


And that’s been most of what’s been going on in my life this summer.  I’m now gearing up for youth group stuff this fall, feeling more settled at my new job with the engineering company, and am still dating pastor-boy and seeing where that relationship is going.  Very thankful for God’s provision and grace throughout it all.



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