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a review – Evan Almighty June 6, 2007

Posted by abi in ministry, reviews.

Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Wanda Sykes, Tom ShadyacLast night I got to go to an advance screening of Evan Almighty for free.  The screening was offered by Grace Hill Media partnering with Youth Specialties and was specifically for youth leaders and pastors in several theaters across the nation.  It was fun to see the movie a few weeks before its out – and free is always good!  There were several people from Universal Pictures there who talked a little before the movie and asked our opinions after it was over.  And there were a few guys taking pictures of the audience and my sister said that there was someone videotaping us.  It was an interesting experience.

About the movie – it was funny.  A little cheesy sometimes for me, but there were definitely some good parts.  I liked that it was really clean – its rated PG (2 words and “themes of destruction” or something like that on the website).  I think it was cleaner and more family-friendly than I remember Bruce Almighty being.  It was more geared towards families too, which is nice.  And I didn’t feel that it made fun of God or Christianity in any way.  It was interesting to see how they made you aware of how ludicrous building an ark would seem to everyone watching.  Put in modern day, in DC suburbs, it was an interesting comparison.  Overall, I wasn’t amazed by the movie, but I liked it and will probably recommend it to my youth and their families as a movie worth watching.  Its nice to actually have some decent movies out there and good to see that Hollywood is recognizing the strength of the Christian population and trying to put out movies that we can support. 



1. Bill Reichart - June 7, 2007

My family and I saw the movie this past Tuesday and I posted my review and comments here on my blog:


I had some further thoughts about the marketing aspect of the movie, I would like to hear your opinion on that.

2. Bill Reichart - June 7, 2007

by the way, looked further in your site, and noticed that you are from Baltimore. We are from Baltimore. I worked with CCC at Towson for 10 years. And I have good friends who go to Grace Fellowship Church.

3. Asymmetric - June 23, 2007

The movie was uninspired, so to speak. Steve Carill tried his best, but his talents are wated, having received zero funny lines from the writers. I thought it was “heartwarming,” however.

My complete review

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