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many things in spring…. March 14, 2007

Posted by abi in life, ministry.

Yesterday and today have been the kind of absolutely gorgeous days that have been warm enough and cheery enough to make you think that spring is finally really coming and almost here!  Daylight is also longer now thanks to the new bill that Congress passed, making Daylight savings time start at this insanely early time of year.  So yes, folks, things are looking up.  But it has been busy….here is the brief rundown of some highlights of the last few weeks:
– Ash Wednesday service at my new church where I work was the most meaningful I have ever had (not growing up in a “traditional” church we didn’t do as many of the liturgical things, but still).  I really appreciated the time of reflection and the symbols of the faith that were practiced. 
– After Ash Wednesday service, went to the pub (nope wasn’t feeling particularly Catholic, just was a Wednesday and that’s what I generally do on Wed.) and it was a really funny night – half of us had ashes from different denominations of churches, one of my ex-pastor Marks’ was there and he had his Pastor collared shirt on, so people mistook him for a priest, several of our Orthodox Jewish friends, and a few random, somewhat flamboyant people were there….just made for a hysterical mix of people in my book.
– For Lent, I was praying about what to give up.  But as I am already trying to get all healthy, working out and eating less….anything along those lines that I would normally think to give up (i.e. alcohol or chocolate) seemed selfish to me because it would benefit my new health goals too much.  And there was nothing else that I was really feeling that God was putting on my heart to give up.  So after praying about it and after sitting in the Ash Wednesday service, I decided to take up something instead.  I am attempting to do some meditative artwork.  I started one piece and have ideas for others, but if they don’t get done, its ok.  Not about legalism or needing to get things done, just wanting to spend some prayerful, meaningful time with God while making art.  So I’m excited about that.  We’ll see what comes out of it.
– And there have been quite a few more things but right now they are all swirling together into one.  I am still doing good with eating pretty healthy and just have learned to make that a part of my lifestyle.  I try and make it to the gym 5 or 6 days a week and have been pretty successful at that and it feels really good.

On the horizon:
– Planning a retreat for my youth group (yeah…really haven’t started doing much at all for it….thank goodness for some great adult volunteers doing the logistics for me….now I really need to get cracking on this b/c it’s just a little more than a month away!)
– Mission trip – planning, fundraising, getting the youth prepared
– Training apprentice leaders for my small group – all about delegation and equipping others to lead too

and I need to find time to have some SOLITUDE  – that’s some homework from my mentor for this month.  I think I need it too.



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