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have I mentioned how much I hate snow??? February 14, 2007

Posted by abi in life.

this is my depressing I hate snow post….waking up to the ping-ing of ice was not happy and then turned on the TV to see all the issues and ugliness and kept hoping that my boss would call and say not to bother coming in – I kinda knew he wouldn’t, but I was still hoping.  I got up and ran outside to start my car and ran it for about 30 min so I didn’t have so much ice to scrape off, which was good, but we also didn’t have anyone plow our streets so I had to shovel my car out a little.  All the while I’m thinking how little I have to do today and how most everyone else is off of school and work and how much I want to be back in my bed!!!!  So I’m driving to work, trying very hard not to crash into someone and it takes forever….like seriously almost 2 hours.  And all that brownish, grayish, yucky slush flying all over the place with a white sky does nothing good for my mood or help me see any beauty whatsoever in snow.  Then I try to think a little positively and think about what I’m going to do later tonight after work – I want to go down to Slainte’s but don’t really feel like braving the icey stuff again, so there’s a good chance I won’t.  Then I was just thinking about going to workout and then making a fun dinner and some hot fudge cake and watching LOST – but my oven is broken!!!!  Which rules out part of the fun dinner idea and the hot fudge cake.  So not a happy day whatsoever.  The only redeeming thing about being at work is that I’m wandering around the office in a big flannel shirt, jeans, and socks – I decided if I had to come out, at least I was going to be warm and comfortable.  GRRRR  Oh and I had a really bad migraine on Monday to start the week off well and realized that migraine season is starting for me which is also not a happy thought.  But I am getting pretty consistent with Migraines always starting in Feb. – so far nothing horrible like the eternal one, but I’ve had 3 or 4 within the past two weeks and prior to that it hadn’t even been one a month. ok I’ll stop complaining now.  Happy S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) day.



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