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living room discussions… February 5, 2007

Posted by abi in life.

This weekend I was rather lazy, and while it felt good at the time, I am now regretting all the things that I could’ve gotten done.  But I don’t regret the time spent in my living room on Saturday night – I was being slightly lazy in not going out and doing something fun on a Saturday night, but it was one of the best times I’ve had in a while.  I had two of my art friends over for a “random evening”.  We said we’d make dinner and then do whatever we felt like after that.  So one of them brought over a random assortment of food (a lime, avocados, a tomato, TJ’s brownie mix, and tofu) to add to my random assortment of healthy food.  The other friend brought over a bottle of wine to add to the one I already had chilling in the fridge.  We decided to do some sort of tofu stir-fry with wild rice and just started chopping and seasoning and it turned out really amazing!  I know we could’nt duplicate it if we tried, but it was great – eating it with chopsticks also helped add to the adventure.  While we were getting that ready my friend who had brought and was slightly concerned with the brownies was busy mixing them up – but when she got done, I remembered that our oven wasn’t working right and we didn’t know if we’d be able to cook them!  But we decided to try them in the microwave and amazingly enough – in 5 min. flat, we had mint-chocolate chip brownies!  So good.  We just sat around, ate, drank wine, talked about life, love, and our various recent art endeavors.  We were sitting in my living room talking until 1:30am.  One of my roommates came home around then and saw two empty wine bottles and was a bit disturbed and asked if we were really depressed or something.  We weren’t in the least.  Art and wine go well together I’ve decided.  And we actually got more encouraged and stimulated by our discussion than anything else.   It was great.  We’re planning a trip to my friend’s blacksmith shop to paint while she pounds metal….

The next night felt somewhat like a rerun, as I sat again in the living room with my 2 roommates.  We had a spontaneous house meeting since we were actually all there at the same time and it wasn’t too late.  Yes, apparently none of us are football fans, thus we all were home instead of out watching the Superbowl somewhere.  We didn’t even turn it on because we don’t have a TV in our living room.  We ended up sitting there talking a lot more theology and big life issues than about chores or such.  It was good – just a little longer and unexpected. 



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