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trying to figure out February 1, 2007

Posted by abi in life, ministry.

Wednesdays are usually crazy, unpredictable, busy, but usually fun days.  Yesterday fit that mold – I had someone email me and she needed to talk so I ended up meeting her and doing some counseling at the gym we both belong to.  Its hard trying to figure out how best help people.  I enjoy being able to help and counsel and listening to people, but its hard emotionally and spiritually and drains you.  I studied counseling in college and thought seriously about pursuing it in some form as a career, but I think for now I have more than I can handle just from where God has me in life and with friends and ministry.  And in this case I’m just praying hard for this girl and hope that she is able to do what she needs to do and get more help from a professional counselor.  I was glad though that she trusted me enough to share all that she did. 

My day was far from done…it continued after I finished counseling, got in a little pilates, a shower, and then picked up a friend from church.  We headed down to Fells and stopped in to see another one of my friends gig’s at a bar for a few minutes and then went to our usual Wed. night hangout and met up with the gang.  Good times at the pub, but I’m  really thinking I do need to give up alcohal for Lent – not that I go crazy every week or anything, just because it shouldn’t be a big deal in my life.  My norm is to have 2 drinks – try a new beer that my brother, the beer snob, reccomends and then a go with a fave mixed drink or beer that I know I like.  But I am liking beer more and more – expanding my tastes and becoming a bit of a beer snob too.  Sad but true – thus the need to give it up for Lent.  My brother is giving beer up for Lent too.  : )



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